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Originally Posted by taskmgr.exe View Post
I can imagine the difference. I am just wondering if it's really helpful. Because, as you may know, there is no cure for it.
There's no cure for it in the sense that there is no pill or potion you can take that will completely fix your stutter forever. But as others have anecdotally noted, targeted therapy DOES help a great deal, to the point that some people can almost completely eliminate their stutter. Some might respond better or worse than others, and it will take patience and hard work, but working with a specialist over time will almost certainly give you some improvement. I don't know you obviously, but it sounds like even a small improvement might give you a huge boost in confidence, which will make dealing with your stutter much easier. I'd strongly encourage you to make an appointment with a specialist, and keep us updated. Has there been an "Ask the stutterer" thread yet?