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Originally Posted by taskmgr.exe View Post
Yes, of course. But they are of little help. Plus I was told by doctors there was no exact cure for this disability.
There isn't, AFAIK.

I'm a middle-aged stutterer. I'm not terrible -- I've known people with far worse stutters than mine -- but it's there.

There are things one can do to work around it. I have no problems with rote material or (oddly) with public speaking to a group, or with reading out loud. One thing I can do (and I don't know if other stutterers are able to do this) is, when I feel it happening (I feel it more than hear it) is just stop. And then it sort of passes. So although others will hear an abrupt, maybe long, pause, they don't hear the t-t-t-t-t-t-t thing that is typical of stuttering.

Also (and this is definitely a non-FDA-approved treatment), alcohol, in moderate quantities, helps. Obviously that's not something that can be done at work, or in many circumstances, but in social settings it helps. I've often wondered if being self-conscious about stuttering makes it worse, and so alcohol, by easing or eliminating the self-consciousness, helps with the stutter.