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Insurance companies used a sliding percentage of value to determine if a vehicle is totalled, the newer the vehicle, the more they will spend. The maximum most insurance companies will go is about 75 to 80 percent and thats on low mileage newer cars. The percentage slides down to about 40 to 50 percent for cars about 12 years old. Anything older gets totalled no matter the cost of repair. One of the biggest factors in determing whether a vehicle is worth repairing will be the depreciated value after repairs. If a car is worth $10,000 before an accident and it will cost $8000 to repair, but he vehicle will be worth only $7000 due to DV, it will be totalled. When I was rear ended last year, the insurance company determined it would cost about $3500 to fix my $6500 Toyota pickup so they totalled it.

Airbags going off does not determine if a car is totalled. My step daughter hit a light pole and her's went off. Her insurance company replaced the airbags.

Till the vehicle is checked out by a body shop, it will be hard to determine if you want to keep the vehicle. Modern body shops have frame machines that can bring a vehicle back to factory specs no problem. With unitbody vehicles such as your CRV, you have to worry about the entire body shell, if it is tweaked that can cause problems down the road. Check the gaps between the doors and body, if these are not straight, you will want to point this out to both the body shop and insurance company.