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Originally Posted by Leaper View Post
So I ordered something online on Wednesday night, deciding on FedEx 2-day delivery as an option. The delivery estimate came up as Monday. Okay, I thought, maybe because of the whole Sunday thing, it would take a little longer to get here. It was picked up by FedEx Thursday night, got to the biggest local FedEx station Friday night, and got to the closest local facility this morning. So far, so good.

The tracking info says, on its arrival at the local facility, that "Package not due for delivery." What in bloody hell does this mean? That they COULD have delivered it to me today, but are deliberately holding it so it gets to me on their estimate, and not before? Because that's what that message seems to say to me. Have they dropped delivering on Saturdays (I admit I haven't used them in ages)?

I'm gonna be REALLY annoyed if they could've gotten it to me today, but withheld it two extra days on purpose.
Yes. They could have gotten it to you today. They won't deliver it to you today because they are engaging in price discrimination. Premium pricing (next-day delivery versus two-day delivery) allows FedEx to determine who is willing to pay more and to capture that segment effectively. Here's a hint: it does not magically take less time for the next-day merchandise coming out of the warehouse and going to your metro area than it does for two-day. They deliberately hold the two-day back so that they can offer a premium product. If you are more sensitive to price than speed, you'll choose, as you did choose, two-day air. But if it really offends you to wait, and it offends you to at least the tune of the next-day-two-day price difference, then you should have selected next-day delivery.