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Originally Posted by Mister Rik View Post
I really really really hate QC guest artist weeks. I'd honestly rather see Yelling Bird than the stuff Jeph finds to fill in while he's away.
I agree in most cases*, but I thought the previous two by this guy were beyond epic and pretty funny. This latest one will stay in my WTF? jar, probably permanently, as there's no way I'm watching a 30-year-old cult horror film just to understand it.

ETA: Other guest comics I've liked:
- I thought the one by the Dinosaur Comics guy, the "this is the canon ending to Questionable Content, no really" one was a hoot.
- Also the one with Hipster Batman was pretty funny.

*and will those guest comics finally retire the "wow, one of the QC characters (who isn't Pintsize) is a robot! Ha funny!" gag? I haven't seen it in a while, but feel its destined to come up cyclically forever.

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