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Originally Posted by tr0psn4j View Post
I like Hanners drinking the psychedelic coffee bit. But almost all guest strips are pretty lame.
That was my least favourite - the only one I actively disliked, in fact - of the week.

The one after it with Pintsize and Momo was great and the one after that was entertaining (if OOC for Faye and Angus, and a bit confusing as to who the guy on the far right is).

The Possession strip is intriguingly weird (makes me want to see the movie, if nothing else), and the current strip is hilarious. (Randy always draws himself looking like he wants to die....)

The coffee one, though...reminded me of...I can't remember the strip, but it's not Dead Winter or by the same guy...but it was a strip of Mario (from the game) and the whole damn thing was just an overly long scroll through things getting increasingly weird. It was stupid, then, it's just as stupid - but not as tedious - using Hanners and ending several screens earlier.