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I hope someone knows this movie's title

When did it come out? Late 70's early 80's
Who was in it? Don't remember
What plot if any do you remember? No clue
What was special to you about it? It was the first time I got to watch a scary movie

Any other clues you can think of? Ok bare with me I was live 5 when I saw this and I only remember a small bit. So I know there was blood coming out of the pipes in the kitchen. ( kitchen was a bright color maybe yellow) The family was getting ready for a kids birthday party.

This is what I think I remember a family consisting of a Father, Mother, a teenager child & maybe 2 or 3 smaller kids (maybe 12 or 11 in age on down) no toddlers or babies.

They moved into a new house before the party, wasn't in a big city more like rural area but not like out in the country.

Not much to go on I know but I've been looking for this movie for over 30 years PLEASE HELP!!