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Originally Posted by Equipoise View Post
I haven't kept up with this thread, though goodness knows I could put something here every day, it's just that I've been lazy, but these really deserved a resurrection.

Stupid Republican Bigotry of the Day

Move over Michelle! There's a new batshit lady in town! (ok, she's been around forever and has been batshit forever, but she's not as young and pretty as Bachman and so doesn't get the coverage).

Virginia Foxx: Story of Matthew Shepard's Murder A "Hoax" (VIDEO)

Disgusting vermin.

Oh, and...

Elsewhere, Byron York doesn't think black people are people too.

York: Obama is “Actually” Not So Popular, Because Some People Who Like Him Are Black

I guess all the white people who supported white presidents get their popularity counted, but for some reason, black people who support a black president don't count at all.

Disgusting vermin. But I repeat myself.

Holy crap these people are insulting. They must have total contempt for the voters' intelligence to say such trollingly stupid and nakedly hateful things.

I would like to see a decent opposition party. Maybe we can find one among the Greens or the Libertarians.