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Originally Posted by PastAllReason View Post
Well, geez, I never got "nocturnally" before now. Thanks! Adding one more about Harry Potter, I DID get that the mirror Erised was Desire written backwards, or more exactly, I guess, how it would appear written in a mirror.
Yep-I got Knockturn Alley (which makes the Diagon all the more inexplicable--I kept thinking [when I thought of it at all] as some play on dragon or diamond). Knockturn is also a double pun--doesn't it also mean something to do with seances or carnival "fun" houses?

The THOUGHT of Hagrid being anywhere close to anything to do with alchemy makes me shudder. Why give him the name of Rubeus?

Slytherin is a play on slithering snakes. No clue where she got Hufflepuff, though. It sounds more like that thing Ginny buys at her brother's shop and names Arnold, rather than a distinguished house of the premier wizarding school...