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Originally Posted by Gfactor View Post
2. Pit as entertainment. "Selling tickets" "Pure evil and rants only if really entertaining."
On this point, here are the subjects on the first page of the August Mini-rants thread:

College sucks
Child raising sucks
Stolen tomatoes
Coworkers suck
Broken appliances
Tomatoes, again
India is loud
Toliet clogging stools
Road work
Roommates suck
Chocolate Chip Cookies
College sucks, Pt II
Message boards suck/no grocery store
Paying alimony sucks
Kitten Shit (biggest clue yet that it should be in MPSIMS, with the other 5 million kitty threads)
Husband sucks
Parents suck

I submit that each and every one of these posts are MUNDANE AND POINTLESS. Not a one was even vaguely close to "entertaining", by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, a few of them had only an extra word or three beyond my summation above, i.e. "X is annoying". That's just whining.

If you won't move Mini-Rants to MPSIMS, will you at least edit the title?

"August Whiners Club" is about right.

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