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I know that I can make no difference as an individual on a national level. However, I was visited today by the local engineer who maintains state roads in this county. As a result of a plea by me, and his seeing the problem first-hand, the county is going to repaint the yellow lines on the road the deadends in front of our house. (The guy already painted temporary white dashes for the road crew to paint over.) The result will be the elimination of narrow turns by trucks that leave tire divets at the edge of our yard (which belongs to the state anyway.)
You know what would happen if you called your local council here in Australia to complain about tyre divots in your berm? You'd be politely told to fuck off and stop wasting everyone's time. Now, it's good that where you are they've obviously got lots of spare time and money to fix that sort of thing, but really, it's hardly a major political issue, is it? I don't expect there will be Questions In Parliament about the tyre divots in people's lawns.

That doesn't mean you're not entitled to ask your local council to do something about it, but really, the issue doesn't affect anybody except for maybe three houses at the end of your street.

I have also sicced both state and local agencies on WalMart's ass for selling spoiled meat. The asshole manager wouldn't give me his last name when I had called to complain. So I read him the riot act and told him that he'd remember MY last name when his meat department was swarming with people wearing hazmat suits. The jackass. I'm going all the way to the FDA on this one.
That's slightly different, being a Health & Safety Issue, but still not really what we're talking about.

One person sometimes can make a difference.
But generally they can't, at least in regards to anything political. That's my point. You can ring your local council and get them to fix potholes, or dob in a dodgy business that's selling meat that's gone off, and reasonably expect something to be done about it. But if you go to see your local Member For Parliament about an issue, you can reasonably expect to be politely listened to then disregarded as soon as you leave the office, unless you're agreeing with the MP- at least in my experience, anyway.

And as DrDeth notes, that "one person" who does manage to make a difference is almost never just a random member of the public.

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