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Originally Posted by Arnold Winkelried View Post
Antinor01 - if you don't like the photo I have of you there, taken at one of our So. Cal. dopefests, send me a better one!


With all this talk about beards, what surprised me is that we had no photos of anyone smoking. Well, finally that has been changed! We have a pipe! And dogs, carriages, people in costume, musicians, artwork, and all kinds of other neat stuff that you can see here!

Added new photos to the gallery: An Arky, Another Primate, Avarie537, beowulff, BMalion, brujaja, DiggitCamara, divemaster, Enderw24, EvilTOJ, Green Rosetta, Hoopy Frood, KneadToKnow, melodyharmonius, MsWhatsit, Panurge, phouka, picker, romansperson, Ruby, Sampiro, tdn, THespos
Changes: Argent Towers—retouched main photo, Sunspace—added another photo

We have barely scratched the surface of the list of SDMB posters though, and some of you have already offered to look for photos, but I'm still waiting on you!
Everyone, please send in at least one picture.
I promised to send a newer one, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Still, at least I sent in one!