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Added new photos to the gallery: Apollyon, banjoDavid, Brynda, Chief Pedant, Eleanor of Aquitaine, El_Kabong, FoieGrasIsEvil, Happy Lendervedder, HongKongFooey, It's Not Rocket Surgery!, jali, JFLuvly, Johnny L.A., JohnT, ladyfoxfyre, Leaffan, LilGypsyGirl, LVBoPeep, Maeglin, missred, MrDibble, Munch, N9IWP, NurseCarmen, olivesmarch4th, PapSett, Red Skeezix, Sir T-Cups, Spectre of Pithecanthropus, stpauler, The Mad Hermit, villa, Washoe

changes: DiggitCamara—another picture, melodyharmonius—new hairdo!, Really Not All That Bright—added photos

All right, some of you Dopers haven't sent in photos yet! Get on it!