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Originally Posted by E-Sabbath View Post
Heh. Oh, I have a drill press. In theory, I could prrrrrobably build an entire guitar from spare tree bits. I've got _everything_. Table saw, bandsaw, router, you name it. But no, I don't use the whammy. Thanks for the advice.
I am just back in the office and have a ton of backlogged work I need to get through - but BigShooter: hell yes, I would love to follow your work. And E-Sabbath, BigShooter is giving you great advice on the tuners. Straight drop-in's are easy, if all you need to do is clean out the hole a bit, you're solid, but if anything cute is required, I would stop. Even if you know wood well, unless you are prepared to trash the neck - which can happen easily if you aren't careful - then don't do a lot of work on the wood. Having said that, it is very easy to get the right-sized replacements so it should be no big deal.

As for my preferences, you know, I love locking tuners like BS mentions, and if I have any tuning concerns like a guitar with a whammy, would recommend them. However, if the guitar has no real tuning challenges, I tend to go old school with "slotted shaft" tuners - the shaft that the strings wrap around have a slot in them and a hole in the very center; to re-string, you cut the string to a bit longer than the tuner, stick the string down into the hole and then bend it into the slot to start wrapping it around the shaft (I did a quick search to find pics but didn't have luck and don't have time). I like these because the lock into the tuner solidly (no string slippage at all) and don't leave an open string end to fray and look sloppy. Super easy to use...they were stock on Fenders for a long time...