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If anyone is interested in a step-by-step, very well documented recreation of a 1959 Les Paul Burst, then look here on the TDPRI, a telecaster forum. This is just one of a number of meticulous builds that Gil Yaron, a luthier in Israel has documented. Mostly he documents his telecaster builds, but he had a real '59 Burst in his hands and was able to take measurements. Based on his previous builds, the telecaster faithful were clamoring for him to do this Les Paul build on a telecaster forum.

This one is in-progress and includes such attention to detail as casting his own pickup rings because he didn't think what was available was accurate enough. It is fascinating to see this come together, and he is very good at explaining why he is doing something the way he is. If you like this one, look for his recreations of early telecasters, strats and p-basses too.

Just don't blame me if you get hooked.