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Originally Posted by WordMan View Post
Wow - cool. I am going on March 24th in NJ, I believe.

What did you discuss with Eric? I stood next to him at a booth at the annual Arlington Vintage Guitar Show last year, but we didn't exchange more than a hello - he was too focused on a '54 Les Paul goldtop...drool...
Some of his comments (paraphrased by me)

Chris Layton has a way of pushing you yet relaxing you at the same time. He really enjoyed performing with him as it puts him into a mood where he can comfortably push out past some of his norms.

Susan Tedeschi was a joy to work with. I would have melted had I met her but the only other musicians we passed on the way to the bus were Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Noah Hunt (yep Noah wasn't mentioned in the preview info but I was glad he was there. I think he has a vocal presence similar to Hendrix)

Eric said that he believes Susan and hubby Derek are due for a combined tour.

He talked a bit about his early years and how he was playing at a hotel club when Eddie Van Halen came over and started chatting him up. Eric didn't realize at first that it was Eddie as VH was known but just starting to gain real success.

Really the only guitar subject he mentioned was a correcting me on a comment I made about KWS playing a left handed guitar upside down. It's a right handed guitar with a left handed neck on it. (I was in the balcony and the designs on his guitar made it look like the pots were on the high side and the Fender neck head was obviously left)

I wanted to ask him a question about how he got the tone on one of his songs (Good to Me) but didn't really want the conversation to turn into an interview.

I know you're going to enjoy the show Wordman. My favorite parts were of course Eric Johnson's set (especially when Susan Tedeschi joined him), Johnny Lang's and Kenny Wayne Shepherd's sets. Joe Satriani was just blazing but I think the soundman may have faltered on his set because it was muddy. I expect the Satriani set would be improved for your showing.