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Originally Posted by BubbaDog View Post
Some of his comments (paraphrased by me)

Chris Layton has a way of pushing you yet relaxing you at the same time. He really enjoyed performing with him as it puts him into a mood where he can comfortably push out past some of his norms.

So I started reading my April issue of Guitar world last night and sure enough, Eric Johnson made this statement in it. Except he was talking about Mitch Mitchell (Hedrix's drummer who died in 2008 and played the previous tour with Johnson).

My guess is that the reporter taking notes got it right and the star struck Bubbadog got it wrong. Mr. E.J. was probably restating something he felt strongly about.

In my defense the subject of drummers came up when my friend mentioned Chris Layton (This tour and former Stevie Ray Vaughn Double Trouble stick man).

Since we fight ignorance here I just had to post my correction.

Now I'll just head over to the guitar build thread and try not to drool on my keyboard any more than usual.