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Are you handy, E-Sabs? If so, then what Small Clanger says is spot on - take a shot. His approach of 1/4 turn, wait for the wood to settle a while (at least an hour or two) then see if it has helped, is good.

However - if you aren't sure you trust yourself, OR if you tried the above maybe 3 times (e.g., you've put about 3/4 of a full turn on the truss rod) - take it in to be looked at.

Remember that a guitar set up is a "system" - neck bend ("neck relief"), bridge height and intonation, overall neck angle (especially if the neck is a bolt-on and the angle can be adjusted), nut height - each piece contributes, a bunch of little issues can add up to a big playability issues, and tweaking one can typically result in the need to tweak another. That is all a way of saying: try a bit of an adjustment - if it works; yay. If it doesn't, get a proper set $.02...