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Stupid Liberal Idea of the Day

Originally Posted by Clothahump View Post
So many to choose from.... Let's start with a classic example of the jackass Nanny State mentality:

Wiffleball? Freeze tag? I'm surprised the legislature didn't mandate that kids all be wrapped in cotton padding 24/7 until their 18th birthday. A perfect example of government "fixing" something that was never broken, and doing so in a massive stupid manner.

It occurs to me that there's a fundamental flaw in the OP -- at no point does he ever give anything that suggests that this is a liberal idea -- he merely asserts it. The rest of the thread is pretty much at fault for not calling him on this.

You might claim that this is obviously liberal -- who else in these namby-pamby days would try to ban wholesome active games but those overprotecting liberals? to which I reply that, in my long-ago school days, the nuns at my parochial school did. We weren't allowed to play any of the games the OP's cite rails against because they were afraid of someone getting hurt. I think their concern was based more on fear of lawsuits than on any political sensibilities, and it's not clear that you could stick an accursate political label on them (they certainly weren't stereotypical liberals, though).