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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
Nonsense. Nobody's going to arrest you for thinking racist thoughts or even saying those thoughts out loud. However, if you kill somebody just because he's black, then that's a hate crime.
Correction. If I kill somebody, for ANY reason or NO reason, that's a crime.

My REASON should not be a crime in the land of the free, and I am deeply ashamed of my liberal brethren for insisting on making it so.

Wouldn't you agree that senseless violence is worse for society in general than purposeful violence (e.g. robbery & whatnot), and much harder for the individual to protect himself from ?
Absolutely not, and I can't even fathom the reasoning behind that statement. Is Joe Deadguy extra dead because he was killed for being Jewish? Is Joe Deadguy less dead because he died during a liquor store robbery?

I think crime is crime and people who are intent on harming others will do so for a thousand reasons and it is not the State's business to consider those reasons for the purposes of increasing the punishment except insofar as the crime is actually against the state or the population as a whole, as in assassination of leaders and murder of law enforcement, or to consider them as a mitigting factor to lesson or eliminate punishment, as in self-defense.

Nothing is improved, gained, changed or made better in any way that I have ever seen by boosting the punishment based on the motives of individual criminals, and I think things are made worse. It's a slippery slope, as they say.

Chief Justice Rehnquist seemed to think so:
He was a Republican, btw, so it's not like the hate crime idea is a specifically lefty prerogative.
Well, we already know Republicans have lots of stupid ideas, I was just trying to be nice and throw some liberal stupid into the ring.