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Originally Posted by Stoid View Post
Correction. If I kill somebody, for ANY reason or NO reason, that's a crime.

My REASON should not be a crime in the land of the free, and I am deeply ashamed of my liberal brethren for insisting on making it so.

I'm walking down the street and a guy pulls a knife on me. In fear for my life, I shoot him and kill him.

I'm hunting in the woods. I see motion in the distance that I think is a deer. I raise my rifle and fire, only to discover to my horror that I've shot another hunter and killed him.

I walk in on my husband as he's molesting his step-daughter ... my daughter. In a fit of rage I pick up a pistol and point it at him. He pleads for his life, but I pull the trigger, shooting him and killing him.

My friends and I disagree with the politics of the mayor of my city. While he's shaking hands at a public gathering I walk up behind him, calmly put a pistol to his head, and shoot him and kill him.

All of these situations should be punished equally?