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Here's a stupid liberal idea making the news rounds today, even in Australia:

Emanating from New York, naturally:

Publicly-funded hardcore porn, courtesy of the New York City library system.

Cite (AUS)

Now little Johnny or little Susie - or hell, just a civilized grown-up not wanting to happen upon images of "Two girls; one cup" or "Goatze" - better steer clear of New York City's libraries, because:

Library officials said the First Amendment right to free speech allows library visitors using the Internet at the more than 200 library branches in the city to view whatever they want online, including hardcore pornography, the New York Post reported Monday.

"Customers can watch whatever they want on the computer," Brooklyn Public Library spokeswoman Malika Granville said.

New York Public Library spokeswoman Angela Montefinise said limits will not be placed on Internet viewing.

"In deference to the First Amendment protecting freedom of speech, the New York Public Library cannot prevent adult patrons from accessing adult content that is legal," she said.
Now, having never been there, I have no idea whether the New York City library system segregates adult sections from areas open to minors, but if not - apart from the fact that the entire idea the the United States Constitution provides for publicly-funded (and publicly viewable) hardcore porn is an almost textbook example of liberal stupidity when it comes to rewriting the constitution - it would also seem that this practice should violate statutes outlawing the display of pornography to children.

The article does mention some sort of little partition that is supposed to keep the person sitting next to the pornscreen in question from seeing (but not from hearing) the action, but it doesn't say anything about keeping these sights and sounds away from kids on their way to aisle 114 for a copy of "Bitches, Ho's and Skeet: A Schoolyard Primer For Today's English" or whatever else it is they're reading these days. So who knows? Maybe they can see this stuff as they're going about their libraryesque business of locating books or maybe they can't.

Either way, it's an utterly stupid idea that accomplishes nothing but to illustrate that censorship wasn't such a bad idea after all, given that there's apparently no limit to which people liberal types, utterly incapable of ever saying 'enough's enough', will not sink if given the opportunity.