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Nothing to say re: the sight, but I'm pretty sure terminals inside a library are muted/don't have speakers. I'm sure you've been shushed before by a (possibly hot) librarian who gave you the evil eye for daring to clear your throat inside her temple of knowledge.
That was the case when I was a kid. Everyone was supposed to speak in whispers and as little as possible. My library experiences the last ten or fifteen years or so has been that most people speak in normal speaking voices and with nary a dirty look...not even from the hot librarians. At any rate, a woman quoted in the article says that she could hear what was going on despite some sort of extendable privacy screen between her and the computer next to her. Do libraries these days allow earphones, perhaps? I've been in some over the last few years but never paid much attention to what was going on on the public computers.

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Possibly because the hysteria comes almost entirely from your side of the political spectrum ?
Actually, quite a lot of it is visible on this very board.

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Cigarettes aren't legal in public buildings, and at a guess I'd vouch public inebriation is a no-no in NYC as well (hence the brown paper bags - now *that* is, I'll grant you, retarded).
Then pornography can be "not legal in public buildings" as well, yes, no?

The point is, the New York City library system is not engaging in some crusade to guarantee people access to what is legally available elsewhere; they're using porn's legality to justify what they want to do in the first place, which is to assert their distorted version of moral superiority over the masses. I am firmly convinced that 90% of liberalism is really just a way for people to think they're morally superior to the masses. That's the only way a lot of this shit makes sense. I have little doubt that if porn was old school and freely available everywhere, liberals would find some grounds to oppose it.