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Originally Posted by Stoid
It's that fancypants righty way of reading the Constitution: even though the Founders didn't explicity say "political" speech, we are supposed to infer that they intended us to understand that they were limiting it to political speech...

Originally Posted by Starving Artist View Post
This is particularly amusing since it was elicidator who claimed it created for the express purpose of protecting political speech. (No, really, it's true. You can look it up.)

Yeah, where could Stoid have gotten the wacky idea that you think the First Ammendment is limited to only political speech.

Maybe it was from:
Originally Posted by Starving Artist View Post
Exactly! Especially and "specifically" political speech. That means it was intended to protect political speech specifically and it says nothing one way or the other about other types of speech or other types of expression. The deceit that it does is a liberal invention.