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Originally Posted by Hello Again View Post
In Europe, espresso is the norm. Drip coffee is basically unheard of, except at American chains. Even places catering to Americans with usually just have "Americano" - espresso topped up with water -- not drip coffee.

BTW, the little minimugs they serve espresso or Turkish coffee in, are sometimes called "demitasse". It's French for "half-cup." Yes, sizes of beverages are smaller, but in France at least, the traditional espresso cup is still considered half-sized.
Most of this is false for most of Europe. Espresso is not the norm, if you ask for 'a coffee', you're going to get filter coffee, which is exceedingly common (although I'll grant that an 'americano' is indeed a usual occurence in some parts of Europe). I think most of the confusion that pervades this entire threat comes from the use of 'Europe', as though there is a common European coffee culture. There is no such thing.

As for cups being smaller, it is true that they often are, but that's not necessarily because there's espresso in them, because in most places there won't be. My guess would actually be that coffee is supposed to be a hot beverage and if you have large volumes of it, you won't be able to drink it all before it cools down.

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