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Originally Posted by Hentor the Barbarian View Post
Two interesting things there - she was quite successful doing so with a little revolver. Also, the story was apparently on CNN.

Thanks for sharing your evidence that people do not need semi-automatic weapons for successful personal defense, and that these stories receive significant media attention.
Of course revolvers are good for defense, though not my first choice. But seeing as how you are an expert in these gun debates Hentor, you must know that just because she was successful with a revolver that fired only one shot before jamming does not mean that all people will be. Surely you also know that a .22 has less reliability in general than do centerfire guns and in general .22s are not considered suitable for personal defense because of their low power. Also you would know that semi-auto firearms generally recoil less per a given caliber than do revolvers and thus would be easier for an older person to shoot, and their larger magazine capacity if needed would help to make up for a person who was a poorer shot and/or was shooting a caliber with lesser knockdown power. You would know all that right?