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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Lessee now: congrats to KneadToKnow, prettydorky, Sicks Ate, HalBriston, and Coldfire on nuptials recent and upcoming, and to Mama Zappa and TypoKnig, Suburban Plankton and Rhiannon8404, Jennyrosity, Shodan, and tomandjudy on significant anniversaries (after 22+ years, I'm very much on board with this 'marriage' thing myself), to Sicks Ate and Hal Briston on upcoming arrivals, IndyEllen, 'Toons, RickG, Mama Zappa and Typo Knig on the academic achievements of their offspring, Anaamika, Maiira, and pendgwen on their own academic achievements, and 'Toons again for hitting the big 5-0.

I have a simple policy: numbers don't mean anything until they jump off the stupid number line and force their way into your life. And so far, they haven't done that yet in mine. So I stick my tongue out in their general direction.
I'm embarrassed at my lack of clarity. I turned 51 !!!