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A year ago my wife weighed around 80 pounds and was being fed intravenously TPN (a fatty total nutrition IV fluid) through a PICC line (goes to your heart). After 4 months of this specialists couldn't figure out why she was unable to keep food in her system. To make matters worse, her liver was having problems because of the TPN and they were going to have to take her off of it.

We didn't know how long she would live at that rate.

For her March birthday I bought a piano improvisation course that she had wanted and I moved a good keyboard into the bedroom where she lay so she could practice. It made her happy, but she still was wasting away.

March/April was the turning point, when she finally began improving.

This year, her birthday marked a year of steadily improving health.
She is up to her normal weight, looking great, and eating relatively normally. I am so happy that I was able to shower her with new outfits that she wanted on her birthday.

Every day is a day of joy!