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In absolutely dire straights, I took a part-time temporary holiday job in a store. I started as a floorworker, only working as a cashier while needed. Later the manager told me to only work as a cashier. Though I didn't know it at the time, that is extremely rare for a part-time temporary worker.

When it came time to let the holiday staff go, the manager told me "I don't need another cashier, but I am not letting you go." He fought for two weeks to get me hired part-time. Then the owner looked over my file, came into the store to talk to me and watch me work, and asked why I wasn't full time. The manager said "We don't need another full time cashier." The owner said "Well, now she's full time"

Two weeks later, a permanent full time worker left. I got her hours. From temporary part time holidday floorworker to permanent full time cashier in seven months.

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