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Voltaire: "...but a fairly common denominator in these incidents are that the cops are terrified of getting shot out there."

This conclusion is based upon ... what? I'd say a very, very limited number of cops have a reasonable basis to be "terrified of getting shot". Statistically, there's no basis for this "terror" for law enforcement generally. Unfortunately, it's part of the overall persistent myth. Combined with the lack of proper temperament and basic aptitude, it's a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, we don't assure the same level of competence these days as any average battle-trained horse of a century ago not to freak out when it hears bullets or cannon, and we don't stringently test them either. Where they are right to be nervous (not terrified) generally is of being killed in an auto accident, and particularly those who are traffic cops.

"Aren't we just paying the price to be expected when our nation is positively awash with guns?"

That's a much broader issue but, sure. Unfortunately, there's next to no undoing of it, unless indeed the government decides to "take away" guns. We can't even manage to agree on basic standards for ownership, however, so ... Most cops aren't well-trained in firearm use though they may misperceive themselves as such; as a practical matter, most humans are pretty bad shots even under controlled calm conditions, let alone in a high-stress spur of the moment situation. That cop who shot the dude at the gas station being a good example (and had his life actually been in danger, he'd merely be left to hope the guy he was shooting at was as shitty a shot). Another random one that comes to mine are the two cops that shot nine innocent bystanders in NYC a couple of years ago.

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