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Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
Voltaire: "...but a fairly common denominator in these incidents are that the cops are terrified of getting shot out there."

This conclusion is based upon ... what? I'd say a very, very limited number of cops have a reasonable basis to be "terrified of getting shot". Statistically, there's no basis for this "terror" for law enforcement generally. Unfortunately, it's part of the overall persistent myth.
That conclusion is based on the fact that nearly all of the incidents that prompted this thread were based on exactly that - cops' treating everyone as if they were about to pull a gun out on them, even when that fear is seemingly unreasonable and unlikely. (i.e. "terrified") As to your reference to statistics disproving the myth that cops have all that much to fear out there, one could argue that if they didn't act so defensively as a matter of routine, the statistics of cops getting shot might be much different.

Combined with the lack of proper temperament and basic aptitude, it's a recipe for disaster.
That's only part of the recipe, I'm just pointing out the not-so-secret, but key ingredient people all too often completely overlook, and that you seem to completely dismiss.

"Aren't we just paying the price to be expected when our nation is positively awash with guns?"

That's a much broader issue but, sure. Unfortunately, there's next to no undoing of it, unless indeed the government decides to "take away" guns. We can't even manage to agree on basic standards for ownership, however, so ...
Yeah, I know. By pointing out this inconvenient truth, I'm just trying to get people to fill in the blank after your ellipses. Like it or not, easy answers or not, it's a very relevant issue, IMHO. Don't shoot the messenger!