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Originally Posted by Airman Doors, USAF View Post
It's that bias we need to work on, and I wouldn't even know where to begin.
Maybe one place to begin is to make clear that, if and when that bias expresses itself in policing tactics that treat one group of people differently from another, or results in an unreasonable abuse of authority or exercise of force, we will remove the officer from the force and also, where appropriate, press criminal charges.

And if that bias makes itself known before the officer in question actually violates anyone's rights or shoots someone dead, we thank them for their efforts and boot them back into the civilian population. This is where, as i suggested earlier in the thread, the "good cops" need to man up and be willing to call out their racist or violent or trigger-happy or bullying colleagues, and not simply stay quiet in the name of the blue wall and business as usual. If they're not actively working to improve the quality of the force, then they're part of the problem, and shouldn't whine when people include them in generalizations about asshole cops.

Police unions should get on board with this too. If the majority of cops are indeed good cops, then it should be in their own interests to see the bad ones pushed out of the profession. I wonder, in large national discussions like this, where are the conservatives who constantly hammer on the self-interested tactics of unions when those unions represent teachers or auto workers or public transit workers? They are happy to slam unions as the end of civilization for attempting to protect workers' health insurance benefits and overtime pay, but seem to have little problem with police unions when those unions go to bat for trigger-happy assholes and racists and rights violators.