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My understanding is that firearm confiscation in NYC is automatic (if temporary) after a discharge outside of a shooting range. I do know that all discharges are investigated by a team and are followed up by procedures including eg immediate alcohol tests of all officers involved. Most NYC cops never discharge their weapon during their career: the annual rate is something like 1/4 of one percent.

Salt Lake Tribune: "In the past five years, more Utahns have been killed by police than by gang members. Or drug dealers. Or from child abuse..

Killed by Utah cops since 2010: 45 people, which is 15% of all homicides. How does this compare with other states? It's hard to say because of spotty statistics. One source puts the number of police-involved homicides at 400 but that's almost certainly an underestimate. I say better data is needed. But that Utah number seems... high.

Ian Adams, spokesman for the Utah Fraternal Order of Police, disagrees: "The onus is on the person being arrested to stop trying to assault and kill police officers and the innocent public. … Why do some in society continue to insist the problem lies with police officers?"

Ok, so there's no need to reassess police training and procedures in Utah: they are already perfect. Good to know! I have my citation and I believe everything I read.

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