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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
Still, presumably, *some* people the police interact with in the UK or Japan are armed. Including some that aren't 12 and actually dangerous. And somehow the British or Japanese police didn't kill *anybody* that year. Neither 12 yo nor hardened criminals.

Which means in my opinion that they're not just facing a less armed populace but also that they're much less trigger happy.

The whole video shows how insane the behaviour of the police was. First, to, my surprise, the kid actually looked like a kid. I was somehow expecting he wouldn't.

The police car drives right on him and stops just besides him. Which is insane if they were expecting a dangerous situation. And it doesn't look like a threatening situation at all. Maybe I'm mistaken about something, but I don't believe I would have felt threatened the slightest bit had I randomly passed by. But of course, it's obvious that the police doesn't take a second to assess the situation, as anybody sensible would have done.

And then of course, they shot him immediatly, and I can't see they could expect him to react appropriately in so short a time, *assuming* they were extremely clear in their instructions, which I doubt was possible from what I see.

Finally, even if the kid actually had the gun in hand and pointing it at them, I can't see that as a legitimate reason to open fire, given that...he was fucking 12! Again, I wasn't on the scene so I can't tell for certain, but I have a hard time conceiving doing something else than telling the kid to put his gun down in such a situation.

Those cops aren't below the standard I would expect for a trained cop, they're below the standard I would expect for a random, not very bright and easily panicked, civilian
Half the police force would be bagging your groceries at Walmart if it wasn't for the prospect of work in the government.

Incompetent and unprofessional is what you're going to get.

We need to make training a LOT better, testing on the field and off, very meticulous, re-training and continued training needs to be part of their career, and we need to pay them a hell of a lot better too.

We need to be training and employing police officers that aren't going to act like the douches in a lot of these threads, and we need tools that can quickly and efficiently eliminate any cops not competent enough to be police officers.

You also need some major shake up in the way police do their work and interact with their communities. Transparency and accountability need to be more than just words thrown around.

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