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Originally Posted by Sicks Ate View Post
I've always thought it would be really heroic if a police officer died while using less-than-lethal force, on a person who had already injured him, because he was trying to preserve the life of the suspect.

I don't suppose that'll happen very often.
It's anecdotal and I don't have a cite. But Massad Ayoob, who was a police H2H consultant, tells the story of a rookie cop who confronted a man with a knife. The cop pulled his gun and demanded the knife wielder drop the weapon. Some onlooker taunted the cop with needing a gun to take one little knife away from a drunk. The cop holstered his pistol and attempted a knife disarm. He was stabbed to death.

I don't call that "heroic" so much as "stupid". I wouldn't do it, and I have practiced knife disarms at least as much as the average cop.