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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
I want to agree, but I can't. If a grand jury can't look at that video and say, "Yeah, this was very fucked up. Let's hold the cop accountable and make him stand trial", then I don't know what could possibly convince them. The opinions of the denizens of the internet don't matter. It always comes down to whomever gets picked to serve on grand juries.

We've got footage of Tamir Rice as well. That should be a slam-dunk case, but I have a sinking feeling no one's going to be going to be jail over it either.
You might be right, but I'm hopeful (and optimistic) that more and more such videos will eventually catch on with people -- people who have never had bad personal experiences with police (most white people) -- in the same way that the videos of the Selma protest and police brutality did for people who had previously thought that black people had nothing to complain about.

Plus, it's an idea with pretty wide support, so I think it's a feasible next step.