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Absolutely fucking stellar...

I walk down to Arby's in downtown Minneapolis for lunch about 45 minutes ago. Part of the sidewalk nearby (about 40' long) is marked as closed by police tape for no obvious reason. Cop SUV parked next to it, no cop. I go in, get my lunch, am coming back and now there's a cop standing there on the street nearby. I stop to ask him why it is closed.

Me: "Do you know why this piece of sidewalk is closed?"
Cop: "Yes" (and then silence)
Me: "Ok, doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it"
(officer points up. There's someone working on the outside of the building about 20 floors up.)
Me: "Ah" (nodded my head, started to turn away)
Cop: (growls) "Stop shaking your head"
Me: (kept walking)

Oh fuck you, Officer Unstable.