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Originally Posted by BigAppleBucky View Post
Old incident, new story.

“Drop his f***** ass, drop his ass!!” one officer can be heard saying on the dashcam right before six cops put 23 bullets into a man who was lying on the ground.

As usual, the victim was black and the cops got off scott free.

I'll take this opportunity to add something personal here. I have contributed to this thread several times now. Never in my life have I personally witnessed police misbehavior. The few times (as the reporter of minor complaints) that I have interacted directly with the police, I have found the individual cops to be professional, competent and polite. It may be that's because I'm white and usually polite myself.

That may be why I find these reports of apparent police misconduct so shocking. I want my law enforcement officers to be paragons of obedience to the law, not thugs.

Not a neutral cite, but shocking nonetheless if remotely true:

At a point after the officers stated that they saw a knife – each officer, in unison, slowly backed away from Wayne, who lay motionless on his stomach after being horrifically brutalized. As an Officer Neely backed away, he instantaneously fired his weapon into the head of Wayne Jones and the other (4) officers followed suit. Totaling twenty-three shots, every bullet went into Wayne Jones body from the (5) officers. The Police Report clearly stated that Wayne was 5’9 and weighed 130lbs yet (5) officers who probably weighed 900-1000lbs could not subdue one 130lb individual without filling him full of holes equivalent to Swiss Cheese.

In the reports – each officer made a scripted statement that included “knife”, “fear”, and “noncompliance” summarizing that they felt in fear of their lives; however – the video tells a much different story. In fact, in Officer Staub’s video at around 23:30 he specifically stated that “He wouldn’t fucking do nothing so we all shot him” Additionally, Staub was the officer that was purportedly stabbed by the “phantom-throwdown” knife that multiplied into two knives underneath Wayne’s body after he was killed. Four different officers made materially false statements about the existence, location and the fact that they altered the crime scene and moved the knives[sic] which were never found to have any fingerprints, dna or other forensic evidence that would conclude that Wayne, in fact, possessed a knife or stabbed an officer. No knife was ever produced.
A little 50 year old man who is lying on the sidewalk after being beaten and tazed is shot 23 times. The cops planted knives on him and try to alter the recordings. Where is the outrage over this?