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In other news, Sheriff: Woman pulls gun on ex-boyfriend to defend herself
The Gonzales Police Department helped the victim with applying for a temporary restraining order against Beaureau. Officials say Beaureau has been previously arrested on a number of charges, including simple battery, domestic abuse battery and possession of marijuana.

On Wednesday, September 30, while sitting in her car near the courthouse parking lot, Beaureau blocked the victim in with his truck and threatened her. While on the phone with 911, the victim pulled out her handgun and told Beaureau she would fire if he stepped any closer.

Beaureau was arrested on September 30 by the Gonzales Police Department and charged with improper telephone communications, stalking, and threatening a police officer. He also had a bench warrant for his arrest for failure to appear in court.
Another DGU with no shots fired. Good thing that restraining order worked so well!