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Originally Posted by Starving Artist View Post
I agree with everything you just said. But LHoD seems to object to people using guns to defend themselves because criminals aren't responsible for the fact they grew up to be criminals, and that makes no sense whatever.
There are literally trillions of ways you could misrepresent what I said and have it make no sense. Congratulations, I guess, for finding one of them?

You want to lay blame. You want to figure out who's righteous and who's guilty.

I want the violence to stop.

Nothing in what I said comes close to condoning violence. But if we want violence to stop, we need to look at why it's happening. Saying "BAD GUYS BAD" doesn't get us any closer to understanding why it's happening.

You say you don't understand the liberal mindset. That may be the Captain Obvious statement of the decade. Sadly, I do understand the conservative mindset (at least, the one you represent): it'd rather lay blame than solve the problem.