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Originally Posted by John Mace View Post
I don't know. Why don't you feed him and see what happens.
It's the constant use of "then" that amuses me...sounds like someone who has identified a regionalism from an area he/she wants to be associated with and is using it absolutely to death. I'm not sure who says "then" for no apparent reason at the end of a sentence, but I suspect it's British Isles somewhere. I have a cousin like that--as a teenager he decided he wanted to be Canadian (he was not) and started peppering his speech with things like "toque" and "zed" and the like, and used Canadian spellings such as "centre" and "colour." Went out of his way to use them.

Anyway, I responded to one of Dunmurry's posts at some point with a torrent of "then"s, just for fun, but I didn't expect it would change his posting ways, and indeed it did not.