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Originally Posted by Northern Piper
They're working on that.
Thank God.
Personally, I don't agree with recall of a judge over a particular decision. It undercuts the independence of the judiciary, by making them more likely to consider harsher sentences, to preserve their own jobs, not because they think the convicted person deserves it, as argued by a former prosecutor in the article linked up-thread: Judicial Recall Will Inevitably Lead to Harsher Sentences

I would argue that the answer is in broad appeal rights on sentence, so that if the trial judge makes an error, based on the applicable law and the facts of the case, the prosecutor can appeal it and have another court take a look at it. The overall goal is to have the convicted person receive a fair and just sentence, based on the applicable legal principles.

Going after the judge here just seems a proxy for outrage over the sentence, because there's apparently no way to appeal the sentence and have it corrected on appeal.

Recall or impeachment of a judge should be limited to clear misconduct in office (taking a bribe, diddling expense accounts, etc), not an error in judgment in a particular case.

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