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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
First of all, the judge would not necessarily known in advance that he would be "vilified on the national stage." There are hundreds of criminal sentencing hearings every day. How many of them are vilified on the national stage? Internet outrage tends to be random.
Who said anything about "in advance"? Hell, if I'd had all the evidence that he had, before I'd made the same ruling, I'd have realized my batshit crazy sentencing was going to make people want to come after me with tar and pitchforks. It ain't rocket science.

Second, by insisting that this must be caused by some sort of individual corruption completely lets off the hook the actually societal problem that this illustrates—that we live in a culture that goes easy on rapists and we live in a culture that goes easy on white people and we live in a culture that goes easy on rich people.
Why? Being corrupt and playing into rape culture isn't mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, I'd almost guess there's bound to be almost a majority overlap. Apparently, YMV.

That's the problem here and that's what people are justifiably outraged about. Insisting that it has to have happened because the judge took a bribe is basically dismissing the actual social context of this whole incident.

It doesn't matter a damn but what I personally "insist" on. It's just speculation on my part because I understand that I'm 100% powerless to effect any change in this particular instance. But I feel I'd be playing the fool if I ignored certain connections and the evidence that has come to light. You feel otherwise.