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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
She's a good writer. She does a very good job of humanizing the victims of rape. If this is the letter she wrote to the judge when he handed down that 6 month sentence, it should be exhibit 1 on any attempt to recall him.
Indeed. But also, it emphasizes the facts of what was done to her: That she was manhandled in a way that left her bruised, filthy and vulnerable. That she continues to be haunted by the pain of that night. That the victim's insistence that she consented to her injuries contributes to her trauma.

The victims are not the ones who need humanizing. Typically, it's the defense who tries to humanize the defendent, by giving the jury some way to sympathize with the guilty party. It's only in rape trials that the victim has to work to earn the jury's sympathy.

As we see here - the judge had no interest in her suffering, even though the jury was unimpressed by Brock Turner's swim times or Stanford connections.