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Originally Posted by faithfool View Post
I understand quite well, especially since it would undoubtably result in a black defendant having the book at him. But just because it's privilege and bias, doesn't also mean it can't be corruption too. One doesn't preclude the other.
Of course but using Occam's razor, why attribute to malice what can easily be explained by bias. I mean bias is fucking everywhere, corruption is actually pretty rare and the family is not really very wealthy.

And as far as writing that letter goes, perhaps I grew up with a different class of people. No one I know would've written a letter that 1) absconds the guilty of responsibility, 2) lies like a dog, and 3) shows no concern whatsoever for the victim.
Character statements like that generally don't usually spend a lot of time showing concern for the victim. That's the defendant's job, not his character witness. The defendant apparently showed plenty of remorse to the probation officer who recommended the light sentence. So that's another guy that needs to be put under the microscope.

As a white woman's from a previously lower-middle class life, I definitely would've submitted something to a judge on the behalf of my much step-son if he'd have gotten himself in trouble and was facing serious jail time. However, I'd have wanted to make it absolutely clear that he should pay his debt to society, make amends if at all possible and focus on how gravely sorry he would and should be. I'd actually want my kid to take a lesson or four away from his crimes, not just blow the consequences off. My late husband felt the same way, as evidenced by many a teacher-parent conference.
This is not the letter I would have written either, I find parts of it offensive and myopic but I think it is within the bounds of morality and ethical conduct during the sentencing phase when guilt has already been established. You're basically just begging the judge for mercy at this point, not contesting the verdict itself. Just FYI, the father was not talking about how horrible the 6 month sentence was, he was talking about the 6 year sentence recommended by the prosecutor (the prosecutor was recommending a sentence based on the premise that the defendant was a sexual predator because he displayed predatory behavior by taking the victim behind the dumpster).