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I agree with andy. It's amazing to me to listen to these guys (in my world, most of the women don't do this) go on and on about how "females" don't want them because they're short / bald / like video games / don't have the best job / you-name-it. Yet, all over the place I see similar fellows in relationships (long term too) all the time. The difference seems to be a two parter; 1) Bitchy guys always have their sights set on others that are clearly out of their league. You think you're going to land ScarJo, then you better be Ryan Reynolds. They are more than happy to overlook the chick with the mousy hair / overbite / Coke bottle glasses / a poochy stomach / whatever.

And 2) they're never happy with themselves. It's always someone else's fault that they're not getting laid. Or paid more or drive a nicer car or have as much time off. They never make the most of what they have (like a pretty smile or fondness for animals or ability to make a killer apple pie or yodel), they only complain and act bitter because the world has shat on them.

Crazy how all that works.