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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
This seems to be a case of trying to defend the indefensible, and, judging from a subsequent post, getting snarky about it. First of all, what reasonable person who is not a complete moron buys a car without knowing whether an important amenity like the A/C is working, let alone without even asking how to turn it on, if asking should actually be necessary?
OK, I don't believe dougie_montie paid much for the car and, from the posts he made when he got the car, I don't think he had much opportunity to question the previous owner much. IIRC, the whole deal was a way for him to get a car on a limited income. I am really not trying to defend anyone (dougie_montie is certainly capable of defending himself). I don't really think it is snarky to point out that someone who accuses someone else of being either an idiot or a troll doesn't really know what he is talking about.

Secondly those buttons are hardly a mystery. The only one that might need looking up is the one marked "EC", which a few seconds of Googling reveals to be an "Economy" button that turns the A/C off and illuminates a red light, and that otherwise in that particular vehicle the A/C is designed to be on by default and cool air is obtained by rotating the climate control temperature dial to the desired temperature. If the EC light will not turn off, or if it does and cool air does not come out of the vents when the temperature is dialed down, then the A/C is bust. In that case the more enterprising can actually learn how to obtain diagnostic codes. All the preceding: the result of about 20 seconds with Google.
This explains a lot. You don't know what you are talking about, either; you are just repeating something you read on the internet. I doubt dougie_montie's car has any "red light" that illuminates when the "EC" button is pressed. Not to say that it is defective, but that the instructions you read were not written for the equipment in his car. But, of course, if all you are going to invest is 20 seconds of Google, you can't really expect to find out anything significant, can you?
I noticed later going to the full thread in which this was linked that other posters had also Googled the issue and come to the same conclusion. One even sent him a link to the owner's manual for the car which dougie claimed didn't exist anywhere. One might wonder why he couldn't do this himself, but since he asks later what "Skype" is (he's heard of it but doesn't know what it is) one presumes that he also hasn't heard of the Google or how to use it. In short, either an idiot or a troll.
Actually, as far as I can tell, dougie_montie was correct. None of the links for owner's manuals posted in that other thread were for his car. I know, hard to believe some of what you find with Google isn't 100% factual, but there you have it. The 1994 Mercedes C280 is a bit of a bastard. Technically, the C-series cars did not come out until 1995. A lot of "new" features were introduced with the C-series that were not available in 1994. There were a few C280s built (although I am not sure they were built for the US market), and exactly how they were equipped from the factory is unclear. My point is that "LMGTFY" really is a bit dickish if you aren't going to follow-up to chop away all the bullshit Google throws your way when you use it. Of course, that assumes you are intelligent enough to recognize bullshit when you see it.