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Originally Posted by excavating (for a mind) View Post
I am really not trying to defend anyone (dougie_montie is certainly capable of defending himself).
Well, just to deal with this one point, if dougie was a cat, I don't think he'd be capable of defending himself against any reasonably assertive mouse.
Originally Posted by excavating (for a mind) View Post
This explains a lot. You don't know what you are talking about, either; you are just repeating something you read on the internet. I doubt dougie_montie's car has any "red light" that illuminates when the "EC" button is pressed. Not to say that it is defective, but that the instructions you read were not written for the equipment in his car. But, of course, if all you are going to invest is 20 seconds of Google, you can't really expect to find out anything significant, can you?
I'm reluctant to move from a neutral opinion of yourself to the assessment as "obviously an idiot", which may not be justified, so I will withhold judgment here while pointing out the following facts.

It was you, not me, who posted a picture of what was supposed to be the A/C controls on his car. Are you able to comprehend this extremely relevant piece of information?

Based on your allegedly faultless assessment of what the controls were supposed to look like, I simply pointed out that they were not nearly as mysterious as you and your pal dougie thought they were, and that the symbols made perfect sense to most people familiar with cars and equipped with a working brain, and that "EC" meant to turn off the A/C which was always on by default. IOW, the amazing trick to turning on the A/C in that car is to do nothing, because it's always on and all you do is adjust the temperature. If the actual controls on his car look completely different than that, then you shouldn't have posted a picture that was misleading and completely irrelevant to the discussion. But from what I can tell, the general principle I described applies to all the C280 series of that model year and many subsequent ones.