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Originally Posted by Boyo Jim View Post
More fun with DerekMichaels00.

Yes, America is exceptional
You have to remember that Derek has reminded us at least half a dozen times, most recently just a few days ago, of how awesomely enlightened and liberal he is, and how he is a "Clinton Democrat". Sadly, the lad is feeling a bit put out these days because apparently the Democrats have moved so far to the left that they're basically Marxists now, and even Republicans have gotten far too liberal. I guess it's hard to be a good moderate liberal with all this Marxism floating about.

But at least our enlightened liberal friend can post extremely liberal threads like the one above, apparently sourced verbatim from some driveling lunatic jingoist on late-night talk radio, and start speculative threads on Republican chances in 2020 -- because rooting for Republicans is something that all liberals and Democrats are always doing. Meanwhile I presume he will be voting for Trump even though The Donald is far too much of a leftie and too soft on Muslims.

Or perhaps Derek is just a brain-dead fuckwit.