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Originally Posted by Calatin View Post
Yeah, but when they all say essentially the same damn thing, it just becomes clutter.
Even though we're now in a post-fact era, I'd like to stick to facts. You actually have to read the threads (or at least the OP) to see that they don't say the same thing. Yes, the theme is the same as the title of this thread, but the threads of mine currently on the front page of the Pit (SIX, including this one) are as follows and deal with different aspects of Trump.

"Is it that the Dems don't understand white, working-class America?" No, that's not it
(Not about Trump specifically, but about Trump voters)

Trump launches multi-state victory lap
(Perpetual campaign begins-- the Big Ego requires it)

Trump may not submit a budget next year
(DT is going to practice opacity instead of transparency)

Trump rewards big donors with Cabinet posts
(DT selling cabinet posts)

Will Trump Keep His Business Interests Separate from the Presidency?
(Mingling the two means DT and family can make lots of money through "honest graft")

There are TWENTY-SEVEN other Trump-bashing (or closely related to Trump-bashing) threads currently on the front page of the Pit that aren't mine.

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